Analysts Predict 100 Million New iPhone Sales in 2017 iPhone 8 to become Primary Driver


Since its release in 2007, the iPhone has always had the LCD since it’s display of preference. Although the marketplace is teeming with OLED display outfitted devices, Apple was its ground and stored using LCDs. However, within the last couple of several weeks, it’s been reported that Apple is able to release an apple iphone by having an OLED display. And due to this apparently simple decision, analysts think that the iPhone 8 may potentially drive more sales for Apple this season.

Based on a study by Digitimes, market analyst TrendForce predicts that iPhone sales could peak at 100 million units in 2017. In addition, it might appear the iPhone 8 would be the primary driving pressure with this growth. Experts from TrendForce think that iPhone 8 figures this season will add up to greater than 40 % from the total sales figures.

To place these digits into perspective, in 2016 alone, Apple were able to sell around 215 million iPhones. Including the brand new iPhone 7 family along with the older iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. As compared to the year before that, 2016’s sales saw a decline of approximately seven percent. Presuming that Apple may also feel the same decline, the tech giant might be facing a 200-million iPhone sales in 2017.


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Now, as pointed out earlier, analysts predict that new iPhone sales may achieve 100 million by finish of 2017. Which many believe Apple is pushing for any September discharge of the iPhone 8. Selling 50 % from the total iPhone figures globally inside a length of three several weeks is very impressive, as you would expect.

Possibly the change to OLED display will have a huge role in pushing iPhone sales in 2017. Or possibly it won’t. Nonetheless, lengthy time fanatics of the trademark happen to be awaiting such a long time for Apple to provide something they happen to be dreaming about.

Right now, there are a variety of speculations all around the much hyped smartphone from Apple. Aside from its micro bezel OLED display, new reports about 3D facial recognition also popped up quite lately. Numerous experts think that Apple will equip the iPhone 8 having a Kinect-like camera that may see depth. Applying which aren’t entirely restricted to facial recognition alone. We’ve got the technology doubles in some other type of applications like games and augmented reality.

The iPhone 8 continues to be several weeks from its intended release date. However, everyday, increasingly more rumours surface about how exactly good it will likely be. Regrettably, up to now, no-one can really tell what Apple intentions of its next flagship phone. The only real factor that you can do, really, is wait and find out.


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