Apple Releasing Apple Watch Series 3 In September With New Display Technology


September continues to be a lengthy approach to take from now. You will find roughly seven more several weeks before Apple may potentially release new items for 2017. However, a brand new report appears to point out the Apple Watch Series 3 may also obtain a September release date.

Based on Digitimes, the 3rd iteration from the Apple Watch will have a new display technology. In the current touch-on-lens technology, Apple is rumored to change to glass-film touch panels. The move is stated to become a reaction to technical difficulties in producing the present display panel for that smartwatch. Based on the report, TPK, the present touch panel supplier, is experiencing really low yield on producing touch-on-lens panels. The reduced yield affects producing the Apple Watch directly because the touch sensor is really a primary element of the timepiece.

Instead of the touch-on-lens sensor, Apple will change to the glass-film 3D touch panel for that Apple Watch Series 3. The brand new sensors is going to be provided by General Interface Solution from Taiwan or Biel Very Manufacturing from Hong Kong. The report also stated that shipment from the stated sensors will start sometime following the first 1 / 2 of 2017.


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This would mean that Apple won’t be releasing Apple Watch Series 3 within the supposed March Apple event. Rather, generation x smartwatch will receive a September unveiling, combined with the iPhone 8.

Early now, speculations surfaced concerning the supposed product unveiling event from Apple the following month. Rumor has it that the organization will unveil balance spoken about red iPhone 7 along with the iPhone SE. Additionally to those two, it appears the long awaited iPad Pro 2 may also make a look and feel within the stated event.

When Apple released the Apple Watch Series 2 this past year, many were wishing that Apple includes a standalone cellular module by using it. However, because of insufficient needed space and limitations on battery size, consumers wound up with a Gps navigation module rather.

A couple of several weeks ago, some Apple patents relating towards the Apple Watch’s straps surfaced on the web. Within the stated patents, Apple envisions while using straps to provide more functionality rather of users holding the timepiece itself. One of these simple functionalities is the potential of embedding batteries along the size of straps. If the patent makes fruition, Apple will have sufficient space to apply a standalone cellular module.

Regrettably, not every patents allow it to be in to the production or final product. However, some way, Apple would need to consider a means of applying cellular connectivity within the Apple Watch.


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