MWC 2017: iPad Pro 2 versus Samsung Universe Book Which Tablet may be worth Buying?


Last Feb 26, Samsung revealed a few new professional tablets throughout the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2017) event. The 2 new tablets, the Universe Book 10 and Universe Book 12, are essentially present day versions from the Universe TabPro S. As the two sport impressive teams of features, how good they match up against the iPad Pro 2 is yet another question altogether.

There has been many reports to date concerning the rumored unveiling from the iPad Pro 2. Also, fans who’ve been following a rumor mill knows right now that Apple promises to to produce new iPad Pro size.

Display resolution

Based on Forbes, the ten.5-inch iPad Pro 2 have a display resolution of two,224×1,668 pixels. Meanwhile, its bigger brother presently has 2732 x 2048 pixels. The Samsung tablets, however, beginning using the Universe 10, includes a display resolution of just one,920,×1,280. The Universe 12 includes a 2K display with resolutions of two,160×1,440. Came from here, it is extremely apparent the the iPad Pro 2 takes the prize to find the best display category.


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Operating system

The iPad Pro 2, like its predecessor, will operate on the most recent form of iOS from Apple. Right now, the present version reaches iOS 10.2.1, as the iOS 10.3 has already been coming. However, both Universe Books will operate on Home windows 10. It should be noted this form of Home windows 10 is equivalent to those available on desktop and laptops.

With regards to multitasking, iOS 10 is many shades from Home windows 10’s impressive performance. Because the Universe Book sports a complete-fledged Home windows OS, it wins this round from the competition.


The Universe Book 12 and 10 both operate on Apple chips enhanced for mobile apps. The Universe Book 10 sports an Apple m3 processor, as the Universe Book 12 the Apple i5. Both of these processors are very good and efficient with regards to its intended applications.


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However, the iPad Pro 2’s rumored A10X Fusion nick is another pressure to become believed with. As the current Apple chips derive from a significantly older 14nm process technology, the A10X Fusion is dependant on the 10nm technology.

Regrettably, an apples-to-apples comparison can’t be done on these processors because they fit in with two different groups. In addition, these processors are only able to really flourish using its intended operating-system. What this means is an Apple processor is better utilized on Home windows, as the A10X Fusion is better utilized on iOS. Possibly it’s highly logical to this round a tie.

The verdict

In the finish during the day, most alternatives on electronics device purchases are frequently according to preference. Many people like using iOS because of its simplicity. Meanwhile, most power users like the Home windows OS because of its feature-wealthy nature. Nonetheless, you have to choose what she or he feels familiar with with regards to selecting the very best tablet on the market.

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