Samsung Universe Book Cost, Specs: Desktop Power In Sleek Removable Physiques


Despite Samsung Universe S8’s absence, the Korean tech company didn’t dissatisfy its patrons in the Mobile World Congress 2017. The tech giant has announced a completely new type of Universe Book tablets in the event over the past weekend. The brand new products join Samsung’s Universe Tab S3 so that they can reignite the eye within the Android tablet market. Continue reading to understand the Samsung Universe Book cost, specs.


The Samsung Universe books are available in two variants, based on precisely how portable your requirements are: a 12-inch model along with a slightly smaller sized 10.6-incher. Both models are slim and light-weight, using the 12-inch Universe Book sliding in only underneath the smaller sized one when it comes to thickness. It particularly measures 7.4mm-.5mm thicker compared to 10.6-inch model’s 8.9mm-thick build.

The 2 also sport a removable keyboard cover that may be adjusted in various positions together with a very-low-to-the-ground ten-degree setting, in addition to a backlit keyboard.


The recently launched hybrids have two different display tech and resolutions. Based on PC Consultant, the smaller sized Universe Book includes a TFT Full HD Liquid crystal display having a resolution of 1920×1280 as the bigger one has a Super AMOLED display with 2160×1440 resolution. And despite the lack of “Note” in the specific products, their screens are apparently greatly S Pen friendly.


The smaller sized variant of Universe Book houses an Apple Core m3 processor similar to the 12-inch MacBook or even the base type of Microsoft Surface Book. The larger version, however, includes a solid condition Apple Core i5, that is apparently similar to the processing power the i5 Surface Book.

Running in Home windows 10, the ten.6 inch offers 4GB RAM and only 64 or 128GB of SSD storage as the 12-inch model will come in 4GB RAM with 128 GB storage or 8GB RAM with 256GB storage. Both run in Home windows 10 and houses a micro SD slot which could cater chips as high as 128GB.

Samsung Universe Book Cost, Specs

The tablets offer USB-C support. Even though the smaller sized Universe Book only has one port, as the 12-in pleasingly has 2. All ports have USB 3.1 speeds. In addition, both of them support fast charging, in addition to Full HD videos. Camera-wise, Universe Book 10.6 includes a 5-megapixel front facing camera for interactive video and so on. But Universe Book 12 includes a 13MP rear sensor additionally to the webcam.

At this time, prices is regrettably not confirmed. Samsung has yet to supply the particular figures but Phone Arena reports it could fall around around the greater finish from the spectrum. But knowing in the aforementioned specs, the smaller sized slab will probably cost less expensive than the 12-inch model.

The discharge date hasn’t yet been announced either. We’ll supply the details when we’ve it, though, so stay tuned in!

Any ideas around the Samsung Universe Book cost, specs? Will their new Universe book line reignite the eye within the Android tablet market?


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