Some Verizon Ellipsis 7 Proprietors Report Boot Loops After KitKat Over-The-Air Update


The Verizon Ellipsis 7 is most likely not the best for tablets among Android Police readers. It is a low-finish, whitebox tablet from some no-name OEM that Verizon has rebranded to create something that could spend time at the bottom of their tablet selection. Nevertheless, individuals individuals who did buy an Ellipsis 7 (or got one free of charge in a variety of packaged promotions) were most likely quite pleased to begin to see the KitKat update come over a couple of days ago… presuming they really got for doing things.

About this Verizon discussion board, a number of Ellipsis 7 proprietors are complaining of “boot loops” after upgrading to Android 4.4 through the OTA. Boot loop is really a colloquial term for any device that partly boots, then shuts lower and reboots over and over. It is a prevalent problem with Android ROMs and software programs that weren’t particularly well-tested. One user reported that holding the ability key and volume key lower throughout the reboot process (a typical button combination to spread out the fastboot or recovery menu for a number of Android devices) would break the cycle, while some continue to be experiencing uninterrupted boot loops before the tablet loses power.

Verizon’s official support continues to be a minimum of somewhat useful, suggesting the button combo above… before they were given to negligence the script where they inquire about water damage and mold. We think that a minimum of some Ellipsis 7 proprietors have effectively upgraded the low userbase of this device might have more complaints when the problem was universal.


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