PayPal Now Supports Adding Cash For That Balance, Presently Limited To CVS And Rite Aid [APK Download]


You will find multiple ways for you to money for the PayPal account. Now there’s another strategies by which you’ve most likely never imagined of. If you are inside a CVS or Rite Aid, show the clerk your phone, you can keep them scan the bar code, and reimburse them.

This really is frequently a means of making your way around coping with include funds within the bank account. By doing this, you can turn cold earnings into digital currency you can spend online.

This selection tops the present changelog. Other additions provide an updated widget as well as the opportunity to consider screenshots of receipts.

What’s New:

Add cash for the PayPal balance. Visit select CVS or Rite Aid locations, open your PayPal application, and scan a barcode within the register. Supply the cashier your hard earned money plus it can get sent to balance (U.S. only)

Our updated widget gives you fast ease of access top features…right from your phone’s desltop.

  • Take screenshots from the receipts.
  • Enhance your expired cards.
  • Turn off Notification sounds.

Tap around the friend’s email and visit the PayPal application to be able to send them money.

This modification comes not longer after PayPal gave the Android application a serious overhaul. If you fail to get version 6.1.6 within the Play Store, visit here to APK Mirror below.


The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your general application. The cryptographic signature guarantees the file remains safe and secure to setup and it wasn’t tampered with at all. Rather of watch out for Google to push this download for the devices, that could take days, do the installation as with all other APK.

Version: 6.1.6 (1150061606)

MD5: 90fc919ab5e4e05335504ca51fff848a


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