Skype’s 7. Android Update Has A New Multi-Panel Interface For Tablets


I am likely to be perfectly honest: I avoid Skype such as the plague, because its Home windows client is legendarily awful. I really do the installation and immediately uninstall it each time I have to speak with somebody that just uses Skype. Possibly the Skype Home windows developer team should accept some help from the mobile side, since the latest release looks great, especially on tablets. The Skype blog announced a revamped tablet interface in version 7. from the Android application.

There is nothing particularly groundbreaking concerning the revised UI, it simply works in the manner you’d expect results: the interface appears like a chat client (a la Hangouts or WhatsApp) for more often than not, having a address book around the left along with a conversation take on the best. The left panel can switch from a history view, contacts, and make contact with calls. Voice or video calls come in a fullscreen window, much like they are doing on the phone. The Skype blog states that users can “switch” their tablet (that we assume means rotate) to spread out up a multi-paned UI throughout a call, however i can’t obtain the application to do this using test figures.

The changelog also states the latest version of Skype’s search tool continues to be implemented. Version 7. appears to be shown within the Play Store now, but when for whatever reason you cannot can get on, it is also been submitted to APK Mirror.


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