Report finds CIOs focusing on how mobile technologies drive worker efficiency


A C level-focused report from Robert Half Technology argues that improving customer experience and driving worker efficiency would be the key motorists for technology to provide development in their business.

The paper, titled “IT Innovation: Harnessing Technology to draw in Skilled IT Talent”, examined – as you would expect – hiring techniques for CIOs as mobile technologies be pervasive, yet also explored the long run landscape from the office. 96% from the CIOs surveyed described the entire process of hiring skilled technology professionals as either ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ challenging while 94% of individuals polled argue technology will have a huge role running a business growth this season.

An example for the future office landscape comes by means of remote working. Because the report notes, in October 2014 Microsoft abolished compulsory office attendance because of its employees, quarrelling “if you believe in employees, you’ll reap the returns, and frequently by means of new ideas.”

Based on the survey data, 32% are reticent that the ‘no office presence policy’ might be effectively implemented within their organisation, giving a tentative ‘yes, only for many departments’ response. 14% of individuals polled stated they’d already implemented an identical technique to Microsoft’s, while 18% stated these were focusing on an insurance policy for remote working.

As regular readers of the publication will recognise, its not all employer will have ball. Yahoo! Chief executive officer Marissa Mayer nixed their work at home policy in 2013, quarrelling that personnel are “more collaborative and innovative” when they’re together. Indeed, a study from Samsung issued in This summer argues work of 2025 won’t be a mish mash of hotdesking and remote working, however a move towards ‘creative villages’ where employees can collaborate, in addition to smart technology which eradicates time-consuming, irrelevant email blitz.

One of the most interesting areas of the Robert Half research would be a situation study investment management provider Invesco, who created a mobile application from your worker perspective to provide better, faster information to clients. Based on the recruitment firm: “A company’s utilization of mobile technologies is a vital consideration for this professionals when deciding recognise the business to get results for.

“Employers that embrace mobile technology is regarded as innovative as well as on the forefront of change,” it adds. “It has turned into a sign of a cutting-edge working atmosphere along with a convincing argument for selecting one employer over another.”

Read the entire report here.


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