Clearest Pics Yet Of OnePlus 3 Leak In Front Of Announcement


Within the image above, we have seen the clever and elusive OnePlus 3 in the natural habitat, laying in wait for a flagships. Last year’s OnePlus device was the 2016 flagship killer, same goes with that one get rid of the 2017 flagships? We’ve merely a couple of days left until we discover out. Meanwhile, there’s two new leaked photos from the OP3, such as the one above.

The final two OP phones had that particular black sandstone material around the back panel, however the OnePlus 3 looks like it’s all metal. We are able to clearly begin to see the antenna lines within the metal frame here, and also the camera sensor is within an infinitely more normal place. Really, I’d repeat the OnePlus 3 includes a more generic look, but that is most likely more suitable towards the OP2 using its bizarre camera module placement.

The 2nd photo shows the leading from the phone having a bigger fingerprint sensor. Additionally, it appears to possess very narrow bezels. OnePlus is announcing the OP3 on June 14th, which is stated to become happening purchase with no invite.


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  2. open the download manager (from the notification is easiest) then press and hold the download and select the trash icon.
    not ideal though, i agree.
    edit: works on nexus devices, dunno about other oem devices.

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