Google Play Newsstand Will get A Brand New Cleaner Article Layout


Google Play Newsstand is preparing to obtain an update, a minimum of based on its Play Store listing on the internet, but although the latest version continues to be on the slow rollout, another change is striking the application. That one does not require an update and appears to possess been server-triggered broadly. A minimum of 4 Android Police people are seeing it so we could confirm it turns up on other friends’ devices too.

A brand new layout is greeting us around the article look at Newsstand. Other screens seem to be untouched, however if you simply open articles, you will find a couple of something totally new. The most known may be the title that now turns up centered having a small horizontal bar separating it in the site and author’s names and date/duration of publication. The second are also centered and also the site’s name now turns up in bold. Favicons that unsuccessful to load for many sites now load more consistently over the application, out of the box proven from your Android Police articles below. It makes sense a cleaner and far simpler to parse layout.


Left: Old article layout Right: New layout

Another nice change, which we immediately observed because we have been victims from it, would be that the article’s header image is finally acknowledged as such and never duplicated. Formerly, the look would appear like a hero on the top of this article and again underneath the title and over the text. Which was confusing and annoying. Within the new layout, you’ll only view it once because the hero, and also the text displays soon after the title.

Once we pointed out above, the brand new layout appears to possess been triggered lately server-side which means you should view it if you check Newsstand. The application is pre-placed on most Android devices, but simply in situation you do not have it on yours, here is a connect to snap it up in the Play Store.


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