[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] Set Different Dialer Colors For Every SIM In Dual-SIM Phones


Android 5.1 continues to be only accessible on the small group of Android One phones, however a couple of interesting tweaks happen to be displayed. One of the things that appears tailor-designed for Android One is due to the twin-SIM abilities. Android 5.1 includes the opportunity to set another dialer theme color for every SIM so you know which you are using to put calls.

There wasn’t any native support for dual-SIM features in Android 4.4, so any previous implementations were the doing of OEMs. There’s a couple of devices concentrating on the same features, however they don’t look as nice (ex. Acer Liquid Z500). Android 5. has some dual-SIM goodies, however it does not seem like the styles are incorporated. On 5.1, you have access to the colour options within the Sim menu from the primary system settings.

We will not know without a doubt if this sounds like a regular Android 5.1 feature or something like that only at Android One until 5.1 is within AOSP so we view it placed on dual-SIM phones that are not area of the One program. For many phones, this selection most likely will not be uncovered anyway.


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  1. Ah ok thats what I thought, so basically, it just allows all the develope1 to bake the correct drive1 into their custom ROMs to e1ure that all those particular binaries (LTE/CDMA, Wifi, Bluetooth, Graphics, and accelerometer) are all functioning correctly right? My dad is having bluetooth issues on his Verizon GNex with the Vicious 4.1.1 ROM, apparently his bluetooth range is only like 5 feet and he uses his earpiece a lot so I need to find a ROM with great bluetooth, thus I will probably try bugless beast this weekend.

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