Adobe Announces It’s Discontinuing Illustrator Touch And Releasing Three New ‘Capture’ Apps [Update: Illustrator Mix Visiting Android Too]

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Adobe introduced the stripped lower Illustrator experience to Android tablets in 2011, and added a version for phones in 2013. Inside a blog publish today, the organization states the all-in-one approach does not make just as much sense. Therefore, Adobe is going to be releasing three new “capture” apps known as Color CC, Brush CC, and Shape CC. The classic Illustrator Touch apps are now being stopped and will also be pulled in the Play Store on May 28th.


Left to right: Color CC, Brush CC, and Shape CC

Illustrator Touch would be a effective little application, what about these brand new ones? Color CC enables you to definitely capture and edit color styles on the run by pointing the digital camera at things. The styles could be synced to Adobe Color service, which makes them available in Illustrator Line, Adobe Illustrator Sketch, Illustrator, InDesign, and Illustrator. Shape CC has the capacity to use photos of real existence objects to produce editable vector images. These files could be synced to Creative Cloud so they are utilized in Illustrator and Illustrator. Finally, there’s Brush CC, that provides the opportunity to create and edit brushes for Illustrator. That as well syncs with Creative Cloud.



Left to right: Color CC, Brush CC, and Shape CC

Okay, so we have become everything taken care of-can one just say, exactly what the crap, Adobe? Being so-known as “capture” products, these newly discovered apps aren’t meant to switch the functionality of Illustrator Touch. And So I guess we simply lose that functionality? Your blog publish announcing the modification spoke in more detail on the need for the greater focused mobile editing knowledge about Illustrator Mix. Sure, but that is only on iOS.

Should you bought Illustrator Touch, you will still have the ability to utilize it, and that i imagine it’ll remain accessible by your order history. Adobe is simply unpublishing it for brand new users. You will get early accessibility newly discovered apps by joining Adobe’s beta testing group on the internet . In situation the “CC” within the names did not tip you off, they are Creative Cloud apps, meaning you’ll most likely require a Creative Cloud subscription for their services. I’d wager that includes a lot related to shutting lower Illustrator Touch, that was a typical compensated application. Adobe wants that sweet, sweet subscription money.

Update 1: 2015/05/21 9:22pm PDT

Illustrator Mix

Adobe is getting Illustrator Mix to Android included in the beta test. You’d believe that would warrant a mention within the blog publish, however i guess not. It does not focus on tablets for whatever reason. Most likely because Adobe hates everybody. Adobe also demonstrated off a brand new mobile editing platform known as “Project Rigel” that may manipulate 50MP images on the tablet. The issue, that tablet is definitely an iPad. There is no word whether it is ever going to perform Android.

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