Microsoft toughening up password needs – but could it be far too late?


It’s an issue which has rumbled on as lengthy as many of us remember – however Microsoft aims to help make the dreaded password a bit safer by banning easy passwords.

This news comes amongst a number of data breaches the LinkedIn data breach which hit this news a week ago – although not that contains any new data from past the previous breach this year – being chief included in this. Since that time however, it’s emerged that online hackers have stolen as much as sixty five million Tumblr passwords.

Because of all of this, Microsoft takes the step of not allowing users to register with weak passwords. An internet site suggesting that you submit your password and providing you ratings of ‘weak’ or ‘strong’ is commonplace, but not far off, finish users in Azure AD is going to be rebuffed with ‘Choose your password that’s harder that people guess’. The machine has already been essentially on Microsoft Account Service. How this occurs is thru a frequently updated listing of banned passwords, obtained from accounts that have been attacked and which are recognized to be well-liked by unhealthy guys.

Robyn Hicock, program manager around the identity protection team at Microsoft, come up with a whitepaper which revealed some interesting findings. Essentially, Hicock concluded, if users receive hurdles to leap for example password length requirement, password ‘complexity’ needs or regular password expiration, their patterns are foreseeable and for that reason simpler to hack.

Regardless of this, however, the Tumblr breach leaves many to consider the finish is nigh for that password altogether. Dave Worrall, the CTO of Secure Cloudlink, argues ‘strong’ passwords still present a significant risk. “Passwords have become an untenable way of authentication because of the fundamental security vulnerabilities they present,” he stated. “This is exacerbated through the dramatic shift to traveling with a laptop and also the rising quantity of data breaches.

“Many companies have attempted to lessen the natural vulnerabilities of passwords by hashing them, or presenting biometric access options, which enhance the consumer experience and adds a lever of security user credentials, but doesn’t take away the use and transmission of user credentials and passwords behind the curtain,” he added. “Now it’s time to check out solutions that eliminate the requirement for the password to begin with.Inches

A business blog about them headed by Alex Simons, director of program management for Microsoft’s identity arm, are available here.


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