Quite A Few Users Are Seeing ‘Related Interests’ Groups Around The Play Store


Bing is no stranger to testing additional features gradually. Most lately, it released an update to YouTube’s UI which has been in testing not less than four several weeks. As well as for Google, this is an excellent factor. Testing additional features with limited examples of users helps get data not just on their own effectiveness, but additionally about how they augment consumer experience and engagement.

That raises the Play Store, an application where there is nothing more essential than engagement. Google seems to become testing a brand new feature known as “Related Interests,” which lists off various groups with round chips like the chips employed for artists on the internet Play Music’s web interface.

The chips will obviously show up on individual application listings as well as on the Play Store’s primary page, recommending groups based either around the single application or in your possible interests generally.

Screenshot 2015-07-17 at 9.01.26 PM

Presumably the feature is supposed to improve discovery, a place where – within this writer’s opinion – the shop could still apply certain help. Regardless of the situation, the brand new feature looks nice to date – who wouldn’t wish to tap on individuals chips?


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