Saygus Phone Switches Manufacturers Again, Company Undams Lake Of Word Vomit On Twitter To Warrant Actions


Remember Saygus… again? Well, everyone’s favorite homegrown smartphone train wreck required to Twitter yesterday to release a torrential rain storm of excuses for which basically comes down to additional delays. Surprised? No, I don’t believe anybody is at this time.

Rapid from it (I’m condensing since there are 15 separate tweets and 18 replies) is the fact that Saygus dropped their manufacturer in China again as their ODM partner were built with a “vast improvement in biz [sic] policy,” that is business-speak for something involving money. What type of issue it had been, exactly, wasn’t elaborated on. They stated “ODM” can also be quite revealing, confirming things i had lengthy assumed about Saygus: the main style of the telephone had been outsourced to a different company. But Saygus now states this is not the situation, and they have “fired” the most recent ODM (their third in six several weeks) in support of designing the whole phone themselves. We mix into hard-to-believe-town quite right after that announcement, though:

In This summer we started to create by ourselves engineers in parallel development as insurance against anything unpredicted within our development process.

– Team Saygus (@Saygus) The month of january 18, 2016

Let us just move back. Saygus, a minimally-funded smartphone startup that most likely ought to be keeping a good rein on its budgeting and hires, made the decision it might be advisable seven several weeks ago to employ an engineering team to create a telephone that the company in China had been designing on their behalf. Just in situation the entire “set it up in China” factor did not work, apparently. Well, prediction satisfied. Good factor Saygus had the experience to create with that group of redundant engineers seven several weeks ago in case “vast difference[s] in biz policy” came about, look who’s laughing now!

But when Saygus am worried about Chinese ODMs and understood they realistically could design the telephone themselves, why hire the ODM to begin with? The price won’t be minor, and should you choose finish up not while using in-house design, you’ve wasted money designing an item to spec that you will never use. Even when Saygus has been truthful here, and i’ll say I’ve no evidence to state otherwise (nor does Saygus provide not their word), this tactic appears bizarre. I recieve that theOrW product and tests are a factor, however this does not make Saygus look especially competent. That isn’t exactly a thought, though, so let us keep digging.

In another string of tweets, the organization defends its utilisation of the Snapdragon 801 processor in 2016 when Snapdragon 820 goods are just coming. The justification, obviously, would be that the Snapdragon 801 is a good example… as proven by a lot of CPU benchmark tests.

The 801 AC or even the 808 are the most useful options from Qualcomm right now as well as their Antutu performance is basically exactly the same.

– Team Saygus (@Saygus) The month of january 19, 2016

Saygus cites the throttling from the Snapdragon 810, states the 805 is not substantially faster, which the 808 would take too lengthy to integrate right into a design they have already finished, so they are staying with the attempted-and-true Snapdragon 801. Contrary Saygus states is believable, it’s this, since it sounds the same as exactly what a real company not able to alter its product either because of design finalization or financial limitations would say. This is exactly what keeps myself from believing Saygus is really a fraud, since it is just this type of mundane factor to obtain stuck on. Someone managing a disadvantage would claim they are switching towards the Snapdragon 820 to string fans along and encourage more pre-orders, whereas Saygus appears well and truly going to sell that outdated Snapdragon 801.

Additionally they tweeted an image of the new prototype “created by the Saygus team,” suggesting the device pictured is a while using in-house design Saygus has worked on since This summer.


Apart from another emblem design and rather odd prototype situation, this looks like the phone we had twelve months ago at CES, except that one seems to become running Android Lollipop, although with no Google apps installed (note that old AOSP messaging and browser apps). Within the tweet-deluge, Saygus claims the telephone may have Marshmallow if this ships. Talking about shipping, Saygus strongly implies it’ll meet its Q1 ship date, though it appears as though it will be in March.

Details: We wished to ship in Feb, however the Chinese Year utilizes a few days then. Our CES 2016 projection of ‘Q1″ seems safe

– Team Saygus (@Saygus) The month of january 18, 2016

However the organization quickly watered things lower inside a answer that tweet, suggesting that Q1 is just a quote, not really a commitment.

@Hutch755 Right. We’ve the majority of control now. Q1 is our opinion.

– Team Saygus (@Saygus) The month of january 19, 2016

So, the Saygus phone will maybe most likely ship in Q1. Obviously, Saygus isn’t any stranger to creating shipping estimates after which completely missing them, due to course they’re. Read this tweet, vintage June 2015:

Thanks @MarvelDude2000, that’s just the type of love that people appreciate. Pre-order now, shipping within the fall.

– Team Saygus (@Saygus) Next Month, 2015

A time-frame they tied to for several weeks next, too.

@SamNewman121 Hey Mike, “Fall” of the year. Details coming.

– Team Saygus (@Saygus) September 22, 2015

The takeaway ought to be apparent: don’t think Saygus in regards to a release date until someone really will get a tracking number. Will the Saygus phone ever ship? At this time, it’s anyone’s guess. Since phone proven within the image Saygus shared does not have Google apps installed, it’s difficult to state what lengths along they really have been in the event process. Saygus really wants to ship with Marshmallow, however i would not be surprised if Lollipop winds up as being a compromise to obtain phones out of the door when the hardware is prepared promptly. This is a big “if,” though.

Meanwhile, I’ll you need to be watching this circus still unfold – that’s all we are able to do at this time.


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