[Android M Feature Spotlight] Built-Kept In Storage Manager Becomes A Lot More Functional


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When you attend the Storage space of settings and tap on Misc. to determine what’s eating your free space, Android tosses up an extremely fundamental file manager. You are able to select top-level directories and delete them. There you have it. This screen does not even allow you to join in and find out what files are lurking about.


Pre-Android M

In Android M, Misc. changes with other files. But that is only the beginning. Although you descend into directories, you are treated for an interface that appears a lot more like personal files manager. You are able to swap to some grid view, copy products, and share what’s selected. Additionally, you will begin to see the choice to sort by name, date modified, and size. And when browsing by hand is an excessive amount of a duty, you be capable of key in searching. Lastly, tapping on things really opens them.


Android M

In a nutshell, this file manager is really helpful. Instead of supplying you having a vague concept of what’s occupying the area in your phone, it empowers you to get rid of it. It is a change we are pleased to see.



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