[Deal Alert] Unlocked Samsung Universe S6 Edge Drops Lower To $500 On eBay


Would you like to pay full cost for any phone? Most likely not, particularly when they are as costly as Samsung’s Universe S6 Edge. This can be a phone that launched at roughly $800-enough to purchase 2 or 4 occasions as numerous less glossy handsets.

But you can obtain the Universe S6 Edge for $500 rather, just like lengthy as you are prepared to mosey on to eBay striking the Purchase it Now button. They are new units, though they ship in boxes which have been opened up to be able to unlock the devices. Note the disclaimer around the page that states phones might have very minor blemishes consequently.

This phone’s eBay rate continues to be shedding relatively rapidly. At the begining of This summer we had it opting for $670. Approximately per month later it fell to $550. Now here i am.

The unit started their lives as AT&T models, however they are liberated to go elsewhere, and due to individuals curved edges, they are essentially as pretty as they have been. Gold isn’t available, but you’ve still got the selection of black or white-colored as lengthy while you reside in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United kingdom, or even the US.


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