Facebook Introduces Your News Feed To all over Video


There are viewed a all over video before, take the time to visit check one on YouTube. They are pretty awesome. Because of cameras that can handle recording 360 levels around them, we currently get a much better concept of how it is prefer to relive someone else’s experience. It’s this last aspect that possibly helps make the content an all natural fit for the Facebook News Feed. Now this is where the social networking is placing them.

What sets all over videos aside from traditional footage is the opportunity to pan around in the center of a scene. Simply click an element of the video and drag to alter your camera position. On phones and tablets, you may either drag your finger or move about the unit.


Some Facebook pages curently have contented that you should view. Take a look at Discovery, GoPro, Lebron & Uninterrupted, Saturday Night Live, The Exorcist, and VICE, to mention a couple of.

This selection is moving out beginning let’s focus on Facebook web on Android. Interestingly, it isn’t set hitting iOS until some unspecified amount of time in the approaching several weeks.


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