AT&ampT Would Be The First US Carrier To Give The BlackBerry PRIV Beginning November sixth


The PRIV represents a level for unhappy BlackBerry. When the most dominant player within the smartphone arena, BlackBerry has reduced worse compared to elves of Rivendell because the rise of android and ios. Eager for relevancy, BlackBerry has abandoned its very own OS in support of the OS produced through the competitor that crushed it into near oblivion. If you cannot beat Them, join Them, right?

Say what you would like about BlackBerry’s past blunders, a minimum of their first entry in to the Android arena includes high-finish specs and a few pretty compelling good reasons to contemplate it over other competitors.

Now, a couple of days following the PRIV’s announcement, we’ve confirmation of when BlackBerry fans, or curious Android enthusiasts, can get hold of the brand new device. The PRIV is going to be obtainable in AT&T’s stores, and online, beginning November sixth. It will likely be costing $699 outright or $250 having a 2 year contract.

There’s not sure on when other carriers is going to be providing the device. Because of AT&T’s language within the announcement they’re the “first” carrier to give the phone, as opposed to the only carrier, I believe others is going to be announcing the PRIV’s availability soon.

If you’re not an AT&T customer and therefore are eager to purchase a PRIV, you are able to pre-order the unit from BlackBerry’s website, that also will launch it November sixth. Bear in mind the unlocked version offered by BlackBerry is just suitable for GSM systems.


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  2. Does that require i1talling iTunes on my PC? I’m glad to know it works, but would rather not do that (it’s a really bloaty piece of software on Windows). In fact, I’m even lazier, I’d rather not i1tall any software on my PC to do syncing to my smartwatch/phone.
    Your iTunes method sounds like it syncs your podcasts, but does it sync your listen position? i.e. you stopped listening 30 minutes into an hour long podcast. That’s what I really need, so I can go running, listen to something, shower, get in my car, and pick up where I left off. I currently run with my phone (in an armband) and it all works smoothly. Would rather just have a watch while running pe1onally, no phone.
    I think I’ve been spoiled by Pocketcasts syncing (for podcasts) and Google Play Music syncing (for music). Was hoping either of those would work for my needs.
    Runkeeper already works with Android Wear without a phone (uses the phone’s GPS), so at least that part is taken care of without a phone.
    Thanks for the quick respo1e, I’m glad somebody else is thinking of this issue like I am.

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