Samsung Denies Are Convinced That It Compensated People To Go To A Chinese PR Event, Original Story Retracted


A week ago a study surfaced alleging that Samsung employed and compensated “temporary employees” to go to its Universe S6 launch event in China. The Paper, located in Shanghai, claimed that the organization hired 400 to 500 people for 30-50 yuan (about $8) each to to utilise the launch event on Friday. If true, then compensated attendees might have amounted to roughly half of those there. Samsung has categorically denied the set of the Samsung Tomorrow blog and claimed the original newspaper has retracted the storyline.

This news article contended that part-timers, serving as “fanboys”of Samsung smartphones, took part in the launching event. However, our findings have established that under no conditions has anybody been hired or given money to go to the big event. Actually, the greater than 1,100 attendees, including consumers and industry officials, have been formally asked towards the Shanghai Culture Square in which the event required place.

Who’s being truthful? At this time it’s tough to be certain. The initial story (summarized here) quoted multiple people who claim that they can happen to be directly compensated by recruiters to go to and/or promote the Universe S6 event on Chinese social systems. Frankly it can’t be considered a huge shock whether it were true, especially thinking about the way the Chinese media is commonly easily afraid of government and industry.

That being stated, “fanboys” attending of the media event isn’t shocking within the smallest, compensated or else. At Samsung’s Universe S5 event at Mobile World Congress this past year, Personally, i observed countless Samsung employees, partners, and investors from around the globe crammed in to the venue together with journalists. Individuals there as official representatives of the organization were clearly labeled via their attendee badges. Have you ever viewed a technology press event on the internet and wondered why an area filled with countless supposedly impartial journalists are bursting into applause each time the Chief executive officer pauses, this is exactly why – tech companies make certain they have got everyone else well-full of individuals who will unconditionally adore anything they see.


Unpacked 2014 in Barcelona. Spoiler alert: there are a ton of Samsung employees in that crowd.

Having to pay formerly unaffiliated individuals to attend your event and cheer for the shiny new phone could be dishonest. However it would not be that rather more dishonest than planting your livestream crowd with employees who, obviously, are compensated to become there. The take-away here is not whether Samsung compensated a lot of individuals to be temporary cheerleaders, which wouldn’t surprise me, or that the Chinese newspaper leaped the gun and falsely accused a Korean company of slightly naughty deeds, that also wouldn’t surprise me. No, the lesson to become learned isn’t to believe the hype surrounding something new until it may be evaluated by organizations.



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