Overcoming the ‘app-ocalypse’ inside the enterprise


In the recent article on ZDNet, author Charles McLellan discussed numerous surveys that really help frame the health of enterprise mobility contained in 2014. Within the publish, he wonders: am i presently experiencing ‘App-Ocalypse Now’?

While enterprise cell phone applications greatly increase productivity – respondents with a This summer time 2013 Mobile Helix survey expected, typically, “a 36% rise in productivity if key enterprise applications were mobilized” – there’s still something holding back wider deployment of enterprise applications on mobile phones.

That holdup is, as McLellan notes, cost. 65% of respondents because same Mobile Helix survey reported development costs just like a factor producing a slowdown inside the deployment and adoption of enterprise cell phone applications, with 48% citing elevated support and maintenance costs. IT decision-makers in the heart of this so-referred to as application-ocalypse that terrifies them costs that apps would bring.

Really, however, overcoming this obstacle now is easier than it may seem. With budget like a primary reason apps aren’t being developed within the enterprise, it’s time to stop searching within the application just like a cost center. You’ll be able to focus solely around the cost of the required steps to create and a credit card applicatoin, sure, but carrying this out completely misses the objective of what enterprise cell phone applications are only concerned with.

As opposed to thinking about the way your application costs to develop or simply how much you’ll spend maintaining cell phone applications within the enterprise, IT decision-makers need to view enterprise cell phone applications in order to not waste time or generate revenue. Even though a credit card applicatoin cost $50-100 1000 throughout its lifetime, the analytics offered inside an enterprise mobile application management solution like App47 can let you track the Roi in the application you dedicated to.

We’re to not imply it decision-makers need to disregard the cost of cell phone applications. Rather, we’re proclaiming that if you’re not building your apps to save time or generate revenue, you’re prone to have issues. Getting the opportunity to measure and evaluate Roi helps with this process, and could allow individuals that are reluctant about purchasing enterprise cell phone applications to look for the advantages that include purchasing these apps, as opposed to just the costs which are into them.

Am i in the heart of the ‘App-Ocalypse Now’? Hardly. Nothing within your business needs to be losing you money, and enterprise cell phone applications are not any exception. Elevated productivity, efficiency, and revenue generation are realities of cell phone applications inside the enterprise which may be tracked using the proper analytics, as well as the sooner it decision-makers can realize these benefits, the higher in the entire business will probably be.


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    The cheapest PC alternative is 2x more expe1ive, and has an awful tiny buzzing fan.

  2. Where did they mention it losing wireless charging? I love using random QI charge1 throughout the house to charge my Nexi.

  3. Seems like a normal prepaid data only plan to me with disadvantage of you supplying the network when you are in wifi and only using DATA mode to talk in VOIP/SIP when out of Wifi range, No idea what they mean by unlimited everything but I’m guessing that’s only if you are on wifi which smart people can get unlimted text with WHATSAPP for text/mms and Google voice for calls. I see no benefits in this MVNO carrie1 way of doing bussiness at all. Seems like a huge rip off ment for people who don’t know better about tech.

  4. A reference to our podcast where the subject comes up from time to time. I haven’t seen the last seaso1 or two of TBBT, yet. Did that come up more recently?

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