iPhone and iPad set to receive full-screen adverts


iPhone and iPad set to receive full-screen adverts


Apple is about to enable advertisers to push full-screen video ads to your iPhone and iPad applications, according to a new report.

It’s being claimed that Apple will modify its iAds advertising platform this year with the ability to automatically show full screen, or interstitial, video ads on its mobile devices.

Currently, you have to deliberately click on a banner to watch such a full-screen ad video, such as in free games that offer rewards for clicking to watch a video. According to Ad Age, Apple will allow these to trigger automatically if the developer opts in.

The report believes that Apple won’t permit these full-screen videos to interrupt something you’re doing within an app or game, but rather will be slotted into transitional screens – such as between a game’s levels, or after you’ve finished reading an article.

It’s seen as a way to boost the fortunes of Apple’s iAds platform. Despite launching way back in 2010, it’s believed to have been a bit of a failure thanks to Apple’s high rates.

It resulted in advertising income of just

There’s no information as yet on how much Apple’s new full-screen video ads will cost advertisers, but you can bet that there’ll be plenty of takers – if only in an experimental capacity for starters.

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